Paddy Leung is an artist, educator & activist based in Toronto, Ontario.


Coupe de Coeur began as an art fundraising campaign with the aim of providing clean, handsome, pretty, pixie, anything! haircuts by the one and only Paddy Leung. Since 2015 Paddy has fundraised events with the hope that artists, non-artists, designers, and dreamers could all have the opportunity to support the arts in a mutually beneficial way. For Paddy's first event they raised more than $3000. The money helped them to cover the cost of materials and venues to host ongoing art events. Some of Paddy's favourite fun and free workshops have included tie-dye, sticker making, and kite making.

Eventually, Paddy had the opportunity to teach at the Art Gallery of Ontario to help develop their youth program called Free After Three. They developed fun D.I.Y. art projects for students to express their inner creativity and passion for the arts. In recent years, their practice has focused largely on community arts and providing inclusive programming, primarily for youth.

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