Paddy Leung is an artist, educator & activist based in Toronto, Ontario.


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11/11/21  ︎    ︎︎︎ 
Visual Arts of Mississauga: Food For Thought

Project Title: Food For Thought

Organization: Visual Arts of Mississauga

Discipline:  Arts & Craft Workshop (In-person), Art Facilitator 

Location: ︎ 4170 Riverwood Park Ln, Mississauga, ON L5C 2S7

Age Level: 3-99 years old ~ FREE for everyone!

Limited Capacity: 15 - 25 participants 

Reminders: Please bring recycle materials to create your dish! ︎

Dates & Time:
Saturday, November 13, 2021 - Person Program 
︎ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
︎2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
(Wheelchair accessible)

Thinking about community care on all of the levels: How do we protect our planet to grow and eat food? How do we feed each other? How do we provide space for us to safely make our work?

We welcome everyone back to Visual Arts of Mississauga for a fun-filled art program where participants will create their favourite dishes out of arts & crafts materials hosted by PUFF Paddy. In this program the community will have an opportunity to connect with one another and share their cultural identity, personal stories, and/or their passion for cuisine while exploring their creativity. Paddy will demonstrate some simple artistic approaches to help everyone get started with their project. All the art materials will be provided by VAM.

We encourage our participants to bring recycled materials such as newspapers, magazines, egg cartons, paper toilet rolls, paper towel tubes, plastic containers, cereal boxes and anything you wish to include to create your dish.

All artwork created in this workshop will be on special exhibition at Visual Arts Mississauga in the studio on November 20-21,2021.

Sign up and register for your spot now:

9/20/21  ︎    ︎︎︎
The Bentway: Kindness Rocks

Project Title:  Kindness Rocks

Organization: The Bentway

Discipline: Hybrid Program, Art Facilitator

Location: ︎55 Fort York Blvd. Toronto, ON M5V 4B3

Age Level: 3-99 years old ~ for everyone!

Limited Capacity: 15 - 25 participants per workshops timeslots

Reminders: Please dress warm, wear a mask and bring a rock :)

Dates & Time:
Wednesday, October 6, 13, 20 In - Person Program  ︎3:30 - 6:00 PM
(Wheelchair accessible)

Date & Time:
Wednesday, October 27 - Online Program  ︎4:00 - 5:30 PM
(ASL Interpreter provided) 

Help us spread love and kindness beyond the walls of your home by painting rocks to contribute to Kindness Rocks! With your help, Kindness Rocks will reflect community spirit in the form of a rock garden as part of The Bentway’s Community Incubation Program, bringing  joy to everyone who visits. 

Join Paddy Leung for rock painting workshops at The Bentway Studio at Canoe Landing (55 Fort York Blvd.) every Wednesday in October from  3:30 - 6:00 PM.  Learn how to prepare  the rock surface, outline the designs, mix paints, and apply various painting methods. We will use bright colours, symbols, patterned designs, words of encouragement, and anything that spreads joy or positivity. At the end of the program, participants can collect them to keep, or trade with others. Kindness Rocks is a public art program with a collective vision of transforming a space to bring hope, connectedness and play!

Sign up and register for your spot now:

For more information about The Bentway’s events & programs, visit:

08/19/21  ︎    ︎︎
MIXTO Festival: Family Workshop 

Project Title: 
𝓢𝓤𝓝 𝓯𝓵❁𝔀𝓮𝓻 [ Sun Flower]

MIXTO Festival 

In-person Workshops, Art Facilitator

Date & Time:
Sunday, August 22, 201  ︎ 3:00 - 6:00 PM

Location: ︎ Lynx Music 260 Emerson Ave, Toronto, ON

Age Level:
For everyone! (3 - 99 years old)

Workshop  Duration:
30 - 45 Minutes

Drop in Time Slots:

  • Workshop # 1     ︎ 3:00 - 3:45 PM
  • Workshop # 2     ︎ 4:00 - 4:45 PM
  • Workshop # 3     ︎ 5:00 - 5:45 PM

The SUN serves as a symbol of rebirth and hope for many cultures across the world. It is our source of energy, a brilliant emblem that represents happiness and growth.

MIXTO Festival invites sun-worshippers of all walks of life to join PUFF Paddy for an immersive arts and craft workshop on Sunday,August 22, 2021 from 3:00 - 6:00 PM. Participants will create a FUN and simple paper plate SUN craft, perfect for summer time! You will learn to mix your colours, draw patterns inspired by nature, and build your SUN flower from scratch. All materials will be provided at the site, all we need is YOU and your family and friends. Come shine like the SUN and discover your creativity and brilliance!

For more information about @mixtofestival please check out:

06/29/21  ︎    ︎︎︎
VIBE Arts: ︎Summer Program 

Project Title:  ︎ Reduce, Reuse, Remake Summer Program

Organization: VIBE Arts

Discipline: Virtual Summer Program, Art Facilitator

Dates & Times :

  • Every Tuesdays from July 6 - August 16   ︎ 1:15 - 1:45 PM | ︎ 2:15 - 2:45 PM                 
    ︎ Boys and Girls Club of Humber
    ︎ Grade 1-8

  • Every Wednesdays  from July 7 - August 18   ︎  1:15 - 1:45 PM           
    ︎Warden Woods Community Centre
    ︎ Grade 1-8

  • Every Thursdays from July 8 - August 19    ︎  3:00 - 3:30 PM                                                         
    ︎ Jane Finch Community & Family Centre
    ︎ All Ages

A continuous theme from the pop up workshops for VIBE Arts, participants will discover alternative ways to create art using plastic bags and recyclable household materials.  Paddy will demonstrate various ways to create a loom and introduce two weaving projects. In addition to our studio classes, we will have special guests such as  environmentalist educator and photographer. Followed by an online exhibition displaying all participants' artworks.

05/19/21  ︎    ︎︎︎
VIBE Arts: ︎Pop Up Workshops

Project Title:  ︎ Reduce, Reuse, Remake Pop Up Workshops

Organization: VIBE Arts 

Discipline: Virtual Workshops, Art Facilitator

Dates & Times : 

  • June 1, 2021                      ︎ Grade 6 , 7, 8
    ︎  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM    ︎Holy Child Catholic School

    • June 3, 2021                     ︎ Grade All Ages
      ︎  3:00 AM - 4:00 PM      ︎ Jane Finch Centre  

    • June 9, 2021                     ︎  Grade 1 - 8
      ︎  4:00 - 4:45 PM            ︎ Boys and Girls Club of Humber
      ︎  5:00 - 5:45 PM                 

    • June 10, 2021                   ︎ Grade 1 - 8
      ︎  3:00 - 4:00 PM            ︎ Warden Woods Community Centre

    • June 11, 2021                    ︎ Grade 4 & 5
      ︎  2:30 - 3:30 PM             ︎ Queen Victoria Public School

    Introducing  a special series of summer pop up workshops developed for VIBE Arts:  Reduce, Reuse, Remake support by The City - Waste Reduction Community Grant. Participants will  learn some creative ways to be resourceful and find new ways to create art using simple materials that they can find at home. In addition to the pop up workshops there will be longer summer programs starting in July to mid August.

    Stay tune for more updates! 

    05/05/21    ︎  ︎︎   
    Workman Arts: Project Toolkit 

    Project Title:  Project toolkit - ︎ & ︎

    Organization: Workman Arts

    Discipline: Virtual Workshop, Facilitator 

    Date & Time : May 27, 2021 ︎3:00 - 5:00 PM 

    Are you an artist who’s looking to expand your skills in entrepreneurship alongside your creative practice? In this workshop, Entrepreneurship for Artists: Creativity Meets Business, participants will be introduced to the fundamental pillars of business management and administration. Participants will be guided through a series of topics ranging from financial management, branding, and marketing, which are essential to sustaining and further advancing one’s creative practice.

    For more information about the workshop please check out: 


    04/28/21    ︎  ︎︎   
    Guest Artist Talk -  Peel District School Board

    Project Title: Art for Change - Artist Talk 

    School: Peel District School Board ︎ Louise Arbour Secondary School 

    Discipline: Virtual Artist Talk, Guest Artist

    Date & Time : May 12, 2021 ︎2:00 - 3:00 PM

    In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, PUFF Paddy was invited to speak about their artistic practice to Louise Arbour Secondary School as a way for students to learn more about art and culture.

    03/31/21  ︎      ︎ ︎    
    Yue Moon II - Last day to see 🏮️!

    Project Title: Yue Moon II 

    Organizations: STEPS Public Art & Chinatown BIA  

    Discipline: Public Art

    Location Details:

    • ︎Yummy Yummy Dumplings & Lait Night (79/81 Huron St.)
      🏮️ 13 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
      🏮️ 234 artworks made by the community members

    • ︎Rosewood Chinese Cuisine (463 Dundas West Street
      🏮️ 5 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
      🏮️ 90 artwork made by the community members

    • ︎Uncle Otis (329 Spadina Avenue)
      🏮️ 2 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
      🏮️ 36 artwork made by the community members

    03/ 17/21    ︎    ︎ ︎  
    Guest Artist Talk - CreateSpace

    Project Title: Art for Change - Artist Talk

    Organization: STEPS Public Art - CreateSpace 

    Discipline: Virtual Artist Talk, Guest Artist

    Date & Time: March 25, 2021 ︎4:00 - 6:00 PM

    Building upon last year’s Yue Moon project, artists PUFF Paddy and Winnie Truong explored themes of cultural identity and community using new media, fabrication, and craft in the facilitation of virtual group workshops, resulting in the presentation of two unique, community co-created public artworks. To cap off the 2021 Lunar New Year Celebrations and another successful iteration of Yue Moon, artists PUFF Paddy and Winnie Truong, gather on Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 4:30-6pm EST for a virtual artist talk reflecting on recent projects, community identity and engagement during periods of isolation.

    For more informaiton about: 

    03/03/21    ︎      ︎ ︎ ︎  
    The 519 - EarlyON: Mini PUFF Club 

    Project Title: Mini PUFF Club

    Organizations: VIBE Arts & The 519 - EarlyON Child and Family Centre 

    Discipline: Virtual Programs, Art Facilitator  

    Dates & Times: 

    • March 10, 2021 ︎ 4:00 - 4:30 PM            
      ︎ Livestream on The 519 - EarlyON  ︎Name Plate  

    • March 17, 2021 ︎ 4:00 - 4:30 PM           
      ︎ Livestream on The 519 - EarlyON ︎ Coffee Filter Art

    • March 24, 2021 ︎ 4:00 - 4:30 PM           
      ︎ Livestream on The 519 - EarlyON ︎ Printmaking

    • March 31, 2021 ︎ 4:00 - 4:30 PM           
      ︎ Livestream on The 519 - EarlyON ︎ Tissue Paper Painting  

    PUFF Paddy will be conducting a Facebook Livestream arts & crafts programs for The 519 - EarlyON Child and Family Centre representing VIBE Arts in the month of March. The little participants will learn how to create some easy and fun crafty activities to develop their artistic skills. To find out more about the arts & craft programs, make sure to follow The 519 - EarlyON Child and Family Centre Facebook Page

    02/ 09/ 21    ︎      ︎︎   
    CBC Arts: Mini Paper Lantern     

    Project Title: How to Make a Mini Paper Lantern 

    Organizations: CBC Arts 

    Discipline: Multimedia - Video Arts & Crafts Tutorial 

    A new web series called CBC Art Makes, artists & creatives produce how-to video tutorials to share fun home projects and keep everyone inspired during the pandemic. PUFF Paddy creates mini lanterns inspired from last year’s Yue Moon advanced lantern design.

    To learn more about the project check out :

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