Paddy Leung is an artist, educator & activist based in Toronto, Ontario.

Selected Works 2014 — Present

Since 2014, Paddy Leung has designed and produced installations, window displays, and large-scale sculptures for public spaces and events. They are also passionate about designing art programs and community events that are inclusive and accessible to the communities they serve. Recently, their practice has adapted and they are discovering new ways to continue their community work digitally. Paddy’s mission is to continue to break down barriers and make meaningful connections through art. 

Yue Moon II

︎ Chinatown BIA & STEPS Public Art
︎ Community-engaged Arts & Multimedia Public Art Program
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ January - March 2021

Photograph by Tessar Lo

Yue Moon II is a community-based, multimedia public art program as part of Chinatown's 2021 Lunar New Year celebration.  This is a community-co-created public art project featuring original artwork developed by participants through a series of online workshops. In partnership with STEPS Public Art &  Chinatown BIA, PUFF Paddy was the lead artist facilitator and designed 20 new sets of lanterns that displayed over 250 artworks made by the community members.

For more information about Yue Moon II:

Yue Moon’s Team:

  • PUFF Paddy - Lead Artist & Designer 
  • Linda Zang - Technical Designer Advisor Role
  • Meegan Lim - Artist Assistant Facilitator & Technical Designer Assistant
  • Tessar Lo - Production Assembler
  • Micah Adams - Production Assembler
  • Amanda McCavour - Production Assembler
  • Hot Pop Factory - Laser Cutting Services
  • CV Studio - Printing Services
  • Building Up - Professional Installers

Photograph by Mila Bright

Location Details: 

︎Yummy Yummy Dumplings & Lait Night (79/81 Huron St.)

🏮️ 13 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
🏮️ 234 artworks made by the community members

︎Rosewood Chinese Cuisine (463 Dundas West Street
🏮️ 5 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
🏮️ 90 artwork made by the community members

︎Uncle Otis (329 Spadina Avenue)
🏮️ 2 Lanterns designed by PUFF Paddy
🏮️ 36 artwork made by the community members

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Mini Paper Lanterns  

︎ CBC Arts
︎ Multimedia: Video Arts & Crafts Tutorial 
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ February 2021

Discover the latest “how-to” web series in CBC Arts Makes, artists guide you step by step through creating your own masterpieces at home. PUFF Paddy was invited to create a short crafty video tutorial.  In this video, you will learn how to create your very own mini paper lantern inspired by Yue Moon 2020 lantern design.

For more information and step by step instructions on CBC Arts website:

CBC Arts Makers


RESHAPE: The Butterfly Effect

︎ That’s So Gay: Eleventeen - Curated by Syrus Marcus Ware
︎ Multimedia: Stop Animation & Paper Cuts
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ December 2020 - March 2021

“For 11 years, TSG has celebrated Queer and Trans artist magic through a 2 month in person exhibition with accompanying public programs and an opening event held at the Gladstone Hotel between June and August. TSG aims to showcase art by, for, and about LGBTTI2QQ creators, with a particular focus on artists on the margins of these communities — QTBIPOC artists, crip/disabled artists, Mad artists, migrant artists, youth artists and so forth. These artist projects interrupt the idea of a homogeneous queer community and re-imagines what it means to talk about our lived experiences as artists from a diversity of backgrounds.”  -  Syrus Marcus Ware

In 2016 PUFF Paddy was selected to be part of the
TSG 7th: Come Together group show. At the time, Paddy had just emerged into the art scene. They were still trying to find their place in the world, being part of this show became a turning point in their career. It gave them more hope and new opportunities to show in exhibitions.

This year the exhibition has to move online to continue to showcase these important works made by Queer and Trans artists across Canada. Paddy was selected to come back as an alumni to celebrate TSG 11th: Eleventeen. To find out more information about exhibitions and view the stop animation created by PUFF Paddy, please check out

Participating Artists: 

  • Christopher Rodrigues 
  • Darryl Deangelo Terrell 
  • Elizabeth Sweeney 
  • Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed
  • Ifetayo Alabi
  • Jenna Reid
  • Kyisha Williams 
  • PUFF Paddy 
  • Raven Davis 
  • Rojelio Palacios

Artist Statement 

Like a butterfly, my art is always evolving toward greater creativity, self-expression, and vitality. When I cut paper, I feel like I am peeling back the layers to reveal a secret safe space - a place of change, hope, and life. I often dismantle my art and re-create new life for the pieces I make. Looking back and going through my archives of materials, I found a collection of coffee filters from a previous work that had been tie-dyed with washable markers and airbrushed with stencils. Drawing inspiration from Chinese paper art, I experimented with different ways to fold and cut out this magnificent, delicate creature that holds so much symbolic meaning. I believe strongly that art has the power to transform uncertainty into deeper creativity and innovation. This has always been the case in my life and I’ve dedicated my art practice to bringing more love and kindness in a world where that’s often lacking. I hope that my work will continue to engage people and bring more awareness and action to social justice and equality. Reshape: The Butterfly Effect - conveys a powerful message of strength and hope to all dreamers and believers. The fight is not over!

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WEE Asian: Coffee Filter Art

︎ Reel Asian Film Festival
︎ Multimedia: Video Arts & Crafts Tutorial
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ November 2020

“Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival is a unique showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora. Works include films and videos by East, South, and Southeast Asian artists in Canada, the U.S., Asia, and all over the world. As Canada’s largest Asian film festival, Reel Asian provides a public forum for Asian media artists and their work, and fuels the growing appreciation for Asian cinema in Canada.“

In this special web series of free digital art programs, WEE Asian is dedicated to sparking joy, creativity, and fun for little ones and families to enjoy together. PUFF Paddy was invited to create a fun and easy “how-to” crafty video tutorial. Learn how to create your own coffee filter art using simple art materials that you can find at your home.

To find more information about Reel Asian’s future events check out their website:

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