Paddy Leung is an artist, educator & activist based in Toronto, Ontario.



︎ SIDE PIECE, - Curated by Tessar Lo
︎ Drawing, Group Show Exhibition 
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ October 2018

Photograph by Tessar Lo

Grounders, 2019
12 x 14 ‘’
Ink on Paper

Art Show Statement

have you ever gone about your routine (maybe routine of non-routine) and thought,

“am i me?”

have you ever done or tried something you’ve never done before and thought,

“ah! so this is me, (?)”

SIDE PIECE, is a group show that asks artists to present a work that may aesthetically or thematically fall outside their more focused, noted methods of working- SIDE PIECE, is a small, humorous gathering of diverse curiosity that may have inspired, are a remnant of, or were made directly opposed to larger creative motives-

this gathering is meant to ask why things exist, why these notions were necessary (if at all?), how they manifest, and how they contribute to thinking and feeling moving forward.

To veiw the full exhibtion, check out:

Participating Artists:

  • Paul Butler (c/o Division Gallery)
  • Kisung Koh
  • Ness Lee
  • Paddy Leung
  • Tessar Lo
  • Alex McLeod (c/o Division Gallery)
  • Callum Schuster
  • Alex Sheriff
  • Winnie Truong (c/o Erin Stump Projects)
  • Kendra Yee

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