Paddy Leung is an artist, educator & activist based in Toronto, Ontario.


Take Care

︎ Whippersnapper Gallery
︎ Window Display, Exhibition
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ May - August 2020

Photograph by Raven Lam

Exhibition Statement

We recognize the immense and unprecedented impact the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having within our communities and beyond. Our thoughts go out to the many artists and arts organizations, and to their loved ones around the world, whose health and livelihood are being directly affected during this difficult time.

With our deepest sympathies, Whippersnapper Gallery and PUFF Paddy would like to present you a gentle reminder to “take care” because we’re in this together and as we’re adjusting to the new reality, we all need to find creative solutions to support each other. We hope to continue to spread a positive message throughout the world. We look forward to opening our doors again to all our supporters and patrons of the arts.

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