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Paddy Leung is a multi-displinary artist, educator & community leader  based in Toronto, Ontario.

DIY Workshop Series: Kites! Workshop

︎ Paddy Leung & Paperhouse Studios
︎ Lead  Artist Facilitator, Art Programs
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ July 2015

PUFF Paddy produced and developed a DIY workshop series. Their mission was to make all events free to everyone and cultivate community and creativity through innovative art programs that are inclusive and accessible. In collaboration with Paperhouse Studio, Paddy hosted their first kite workshop. They received their first grant from the Neighbourhood Arts Network to subsidize the cost for materials and venue. Paddy continues to raise funds through their hair art fundraiser called Coupe de Coeur and launched a weekly pop up PWYC mask making session leading up to the workshop. All materials were covered, which included kite spools, and handmade paper made by Paddy Leung & Tessar Lo at Paperhouse Studio. Paddy demonstrated 2 simple kite making techniques; Owl and Gunya-gunya kites.

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