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Paddy Leung is a multi-displinary artist, educator & community leader  based in Toronto, Ontario.

DIY Workshop Series: Tie Dye

︎ Paddy Leung & White House Studio Project
︎ Lead Artist Facilitator, Art Programs
︎ Toronto, ON
︎ August 2014

PUFF Paddy produced and developed a DIY workshop series. Their mission was to make all events free to everyone and cultivate community and creativity through innovative art programs that are inclusive and accessible. Paddy raised funds through their haircut art fundraiser called Coupe de Coeur. This helped cover the cost for tie dye materials and venue to make it free to the public.  In this workshop, participants brought their own t-shirts and Paddy demonstrated 5 basic tie dye techniques; Uzumaki, The Grid Fold, Marble, Symmetric Fold and Knotted Camo.

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